Kids Classes in San Diego

North Park/San Diego

Kids thrive when they express themselves. Exploring the arts, whether it be dance, theatre, music or art, it improves self-esteem and social skills. Creating art of any genre fosters creativity and helps children understand themselves and their world. In Miss Marae’s classes, children are encouraged to explore the arts in a playful way that fuels their imagination.

Now enrolling for a 7 week session in North Park at the Expressive Arts Studio @32nd and Thorn St. Kids classes run for 7 weeks starting the week of Sept 12. Classes in this boutique art apace will have no more than 8 children in each class. Mask wearing will be optional and left up to the parent to decide. This may change depending on local school mask mandates. Each spot is filled first come, first served. Click HERE to sign up.

  • MONDAY: 2 spots Open. Art Exploration 3:30-4:30 pm. Ages 4-9. September 12 through October 24, 2022. $195 for the 7 week session plus $20 supplies.