Hi! I’m Alison Marae. I’m a writer of songs and stories, a ukulele-ist, singer, recording artist, a San Diego Music Award nominee and educator. Born and raised in Southern California and have lived in San Diego for all my adult life.

I write songs and stories that are quirky, catchy and sometimes educational for kids (and their grownups). I’ve created a new Musical Stories podcast where I craft original children’s stories and songs that are sure to entertain and delight the young and young at heart. Subscribe and Listen on Apple PodcastsSpotify Podcasts and Podbean.

I’ve also co-written and performed three original children’s musicals (Rhythm Red Riding HoodThe Fairy and the Dragon and The Holiday Show) with my partner in crime, Wil Forbis. Together we’ve performed around the world with performances in Paris, London, NYC, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego and fun little towns in between. I’m a former professional dancer/choreographer and still love to dance!

As an educator in both music and dance, I’ve been guiding students of all ages for two decades to feel empowered and happy through the expression of their heart and soul. I have taught and created my my own programs for children, teens and adults in music/dance studios, public school arts outreach and as staff for professional dance and music studios throughout San Diego. Currently I teach private music lessons and group classes in San Diego.

What People Say

“Kids who visit us at the Garden just LOVE Miss Marae! Her interactive performances are both entertaining and educational, not just for children, but the entire family. She is professional, easy to work with, and a joy to have here at the Garden. We always look forward to having her and her friends here with us!”

Lisa R. S.D. Botanic Gardens

“Miss Marae performs a fantastic music show that is fun for toddlers, preschoolers, and their caregivers. Their upbeat energy and sense of fun means everyone in the audience has a great time. You can’t help singing along and moving to the music!”

Angie S. YSL San Diego Library

“Miss Marae is fantastic. My 12 year-old daughter has taken ukulele lessons from her for 3 years…written a multitude of original songs and loves to play and sing. Miss Marae is truly a fun, kind and gifted teacher. My daughter is extremely shy but with Alison she has built the self-confidence to take on the stage with storm.

Julie W, a happy momma

Let’s work together.