Hooray Miss Marae’s latest releases

Hooray Miss Marae’s new music releases are now streaming worldwide on SpotifyAmazon Music Unlimited (ask Alexa)Apple MusicGoogle PlayYoutubeBandcamp or wherever you stream music.

“I’d tiptoe through a lion’s den. Snuggle with a bear, just say when. I’d swim in the ocean with the mantees. Just to be with you, you and me!” Me and You is the catchy new music single by Hooray Miss Marae. It’s sure to get you and your little ones giggling and singing along!

A song about the love of dancing! Gotta Dance! uses alliteration to inspire movement. This song celebrates families by bringing them together to dance. So get up on your feet and dance!

Hooray Miss Marae’s first music single, Can a Camel Dance?, raises a silly question that families will have fun pondering. Zeus, the camel not only loves to dance, but has a unique way of being mindful and living in the moment. A picture book is in the works!

Hooray Miss Marae’s songs have been heard on children’s radio stations worldwide: